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One of the most valuable business advices I´ve ever heard.

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I write this as I sit in the beautiful Munich Westpark. The birds are chirping, the fountains are bubbling, the crows are crowing and ahem in the background the swoosh of the highway. Nevertheless, my “roof” looks just like this:

In the cooling shadows oft he Bavarian chestnut trees sitting, I write this blogpost about the motto „Make your own rules“. Last year at this time, in the course of an „now I´m getting fit“ I have discovered Tara Stiles. On YouTube. The so-called yoga rebell: 34, early model, now yoga rebell.

Her life- and business-story shows how you find to yourself, built a successful business and get to the professional title Yoga rebel.

„Being authentic is the best thing you can do!“ Tara Stiles


With her there is no evangelization. But this clear message:

Make your own rules.

Her example shows best that it is worthwhile to listen to your own feeling, be it one´s inner voice, your body, or own ideas and assumptions. There are plenty of yogis, there are plenty of yoga studios, there are enough yoga YouTube channels, there are really enough model workouts, cookbooks and indeed enough life coaches. Nevertheless, it is worth to fight for your own cause. With an unconventional approach which differentiates you from the mass and where not only your customer is at the center of all efforts.

If it was purely by existing services or even already realized ideas, nobody needed no longer to do anything. Tara Stiles shows that you can still make a difference, even in the yoga business.

With this philosophy, to search for your own rules – you not always have to reinvent the wheel – this leads almost automatically to a unique communication – and business strategy.

What would be a much too small, too special gathering of potential buyers, a few years ago. Is now a profitable niche and mostly downright thirsty for a customized solution for a very specific problem.

I think business today needs more personality, character and individuality. Because just that is authentic. It is increasingly important to connect with ones very own values and ideas.

In order to stand out in the crowd, you need to have a particularity: character.


Make your own rules – in Business, and in Life – because you only have one.


Now it´s you turn:
How do you break “the rules”?
Leave a comment and share your experiences.

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